Building Mega Menus

Overview of Header and Menu Building in Breakdance

Breakdance offers an intuitive header and menu builder functionality, enabling users to create versatile and visually appealing website headers. This overview covers the basics of constructing a header using Breakdance’s built-in elements, which requires no add-ons or coding.

Components of a Standard Header

A typical header in Breakdance might include a logo image, a menu with various dropdown styles, a search button with a full-screen search form, a WooCommerce mini cart element, and a call-to-action button. This setup ensures that all key navigation elements are easily accessible.

Header Builder in Breakdance

The Header Builder functions like a section but includes additional features for menu construction. For instance, enabling the ‘Sticky Header’ option under ‘Sticky’ in the header builder settings makes the header stick to the top of the screen on scroll. Users can further customize this sticky behavior, such as setting it to hide after a certain scroll distance or changing its appearance when sticky (e.g., adding a shadow).

Creating a Sticky Header

To create a sticky header:

  1. Enable the sticky header option in the header builder settings.
  2. Customize the scroll behavior, like hiding the header after a specified scroll distance or changing the reveal animation.
  3. Adjust the style settings for the sticky header, such as changing the background color when sticky or setting a minimum height for a smaller header on scroll.

Menu Builder in Breakdance

The Menu Builder allows for the creation of intricate menu designs. Using the WP Menu element or Menu Builder, users can construct custom dropdowns and links. The Menu Builder offers flexibility to create menus with single or multiple columns and even allows inserting custom content within dropdowns.

Customizing Dropdown Menus

To customize dropdown menus:

  1. Add the Menu Dropdown element to your menu for creating dropdowns.
  2. Use the Menu Link element for standard links. Customize these links with your desired text and URLs.
  3. For custom dropdowns, use the Menu Custom Dropdown element and add any Breakdance element, such as a login form or an image, inside the dropdown.

Building a New Header from Scratch

To build a new header:

  1. Add a Header Builder element and insert key elements like an image for the logo, a Menu Builder for navigation, and additional elements like a search form, mini cart, and a button.
  2. Use a div element to group items like the search form, mini cart, and button, and adjust the layout to stack them horizontally.
  3. Customize additional elements like the search form and mini cart according to your design preferences.

Responsive Behavior and Testing

After setting up your header, ensure to test its responsiveness across various devices. Breakdance’s headers are designed to look great on mobile devices without additional adjustments, but it’s always good practice to verify.

Further Customization and Advanced Options

While this overview covers basic header and menu building, Breakdance offers more advanced options for creating intricate headers. These include overlay headers, custom sticky headers with different content, and much more. Explore these features to enhance your website’s header design further.