Cloneable Group Fields

Integrating Meta Box Cloneable Group Fields with Breakdance

This guide demonstrates how to effectively use the cloneable group field from Meta Box within Breakdance by utilizing the repeater field element. This allows for dynamic content display based on the cloneable groups defined in Meta Box.

Please have your cloneable groups created and populated before continuing.

Adding and Configuring Repeater Field Element in Breakdance

Inserting the Repeater Field Element

  1. In Breakdance, navigate to the page where you want to display the cloneable group content.
  2. Add a repeater field element to your page layout.

Configuring the Repeater Field Element

  1. Within the repeater field element settings, you will find two main options: “Repeated Block” and “Field”.
  2. In the “Repeated Block” option, select the field that contains the design for each item within the cloneable group.
  3. Under the “Field” option, choose your Meta Box cloneable group field as the repeater field source.
  4. Adjust the layout and design of your repeater field element using the design tab and the various options available.

Adding Meta Box Fields to Global Blocks

To include Meta Box fields within your Global Blocks:

  1. Open the global block where you want to display the Meta Box field.
  2. Add the desired element(s) in Breakdance and click the database icon to access dynamic data options.
  3. Under the Meta Box category, locate and select the subfield from your cloneable group.
  4. Modify the layout of the Global Block as needed.

The selected Meta Box subfield will now be dynamically displayed within the Global Block on the front end when it is used in a Repeater field in Breakdance.

Additional Notes

This integration technique allows for a high degree of flexibility and customization in displaying dynamic content from Meta Box cloneable groups in Breakdance. By leveraging the repeater field element, users can create complex, repeatable layouts that automatically adjust based on the data entered in Meta Box, enhancing the site’s functionality and user experience.