Content Controls


These controls allow you to define and modify the main text content of your heading. You can easily change the heading’s text and choose the HTML tag that suits your structure and SEO needs.

  • Text – Here, you can type in the exact text you want your heading to display.
  • Tags – This dropdown lets you select the appropriate HTML tag (e.g., H1, H2, H3) for your heading, impacting SEO relevance and page structure.

Design Controls


Typography settings offer profound control over the font styling of your heading, allowing you to adjust elements like font size, weight, line height, and more, to achieve the perfect look and readability.


This control affects the width of your heading element, enabling you to make it fit perfectly within different layouts and screen sizes.

  • Width – Set the desired width of your heading element, either by using a predefined value or by specifying your custom measurement.


Spacing controls let you fine-tune the distance above and below your heading element, helping you create a balanced layout and ensure visual harmony on your page.

  • Margin Top – Increase or decrease the space above your heading to position it perfectly within your layout.
  • Margin Bottom – Adjust the space below your heading to balance whitespace and improve content flow.