Creating A Footer

To create a footer in Breakdance, go to Breakdance > Footers in the WordPress admin panel.

Once there, click the “Add Footer” button near the top of the page.

Next, you’ll configure your Footer’s settings:

  • Title: The title used to display your Footer in the admin area.
  • Location: Choose where you want your Footer to display. If you’re not sure which rule to pick, you should choose the “Everywhere” option.
  • Conditions: Apply conditions to further refine the visibility of the Footer based on specific variables.
  • Priority: Priority controls whether this Footer will override other Footers when multiple Footers can apply in a given scenario. Usually it is best to leave this at default, but if you have multiple Footers you may need to adjust their priority.

Finally, click “Add Footer” and you’ll see your new Footer in the Footers list.

You can now edit this Footer in Breakdance to design your site’s footer.