String Data Point

Overview of the String Data Point

This documentation covers the use of the String Data Point. String data points are the most common dynamic data point in Breakdance and can be used to display a post title, post date, user and author data, the post content, and even custom fields.

Adding a String Data Point

Once you’ve added an element that can accept a string data point, click the database icon in the properties pane next to the desired text area for that element. You’ll then see the Dynamic Data Popup, which contains all the registered dynamic data points for Breakdance.

Select the desired data point and see the contents in Breakdance update immediately.

Changing Data Point Options

After you’ve selected a data point, you can click on the caret next to the data point in the properties pane to open advanced options. These options include the prepend, append, limit characters, and fallback options. You may learn more about these options here.