Video Lightbox

Creating a Video Lightbox in Breakdance

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a lightbox that contains a video. The process involves adding a button or text link in Breakdance, which, when clicked, opens a YouTube video in a lightbox. This feature is particularly useful for showcasing videos in a more engaging and interactive way on your website.

Steps to Create a Video Lightbox

Adding the Button or Link

  1. Open Breakdance and select the area where you want to add the video lightbox.
  2. Add a button to your page. You can also use a text link or wrapper link element if preferred.

Configuring the Lightbox Settings

  1. Click on the button settings and navigate to the ‘Link’ section.
  2. Open the Settings for the link by clicking the gear icon.
  3. Under ‘Type’, choose ‘Lightbox’.
  4. Select ‘Video’ as the lightbox content type.
  5. Paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to display in the lightbox.

Previewing and Saving the Lightbox

After pasting the video URL, you will see a preview of the video in the settings panel. Save the page and exit to the frontend of your website. Test the functionality by clicking the button, which should now open the video in a lightbox.

Additional Notes

This method is a simple and effective way to integrate video content into your website using Breakdance. The lightbox feature enhances the user experience by providing an immersive video viewing environment, without navigating away from the page.