Product Meta

Design Controls


The “Container” controls let you craft the general appearance and layout of the Product Meta Element. Choose how the content is organized, opt to include dividers for clear separation, and adjust the container’s width to best fit your design.

  • Layout: Select from a dropdown of layout options to determine how your product meta data is organized.
  • Divider: Toggle to add or remove a line separating each piece of meta data.
  • Divider Color: Customize the color of the divider. Note: This control is only available if the “Divider” is activated.
  • Divider Width: Adjust how thick or thin you want the divider to be. Note: This control is only available if the “Divider” is activated.
  • Divider Style: Choose a style for the divider from the dropdown options, such as solid, dashed, or dotted. Note: This control is only available if the “Divider” is activated.
  • Width: Define the width of the container to ensure it fits perfectly within your design.


The “Typography” settings cater to the textual aspects of your product meta. Modify the look and feel of labels, values, and links to make the content stand out or blend seamlessly into your design.

  • Labels: Fine-tune the typography settings for the product meta labels.
  • Values: Adjust the text settings for the actual product meta values.
  • Links: Define the appearance for any links within your product meta content.


With the “Spacing” controls, you get to manage the distance between product meta items and the overall positioning of the meta wrapper. These settings ensure your content is presented with clarity and a pleasant flow.

  • Between Items: Control the amount of space that exists between individual product meta items.
  • Wrapper: Manage the outer space surrounding the entire product meta content.
    • Margin Top: Adjust the spacing at the top of the product meta wrapper to set it apart from other elements.
    • Margin Bottom: Define the spacing at the bottom to ensure a clear separation from subsequent elements.