Design Library Overview

Using the New Design Library Feature in Breakdance

In this article, learn more about Breakdance’s design library feature. Learn how to access and use the design library to add pre-designed elements to your page, improve workflow by utilizing your website as a design library, and even create and share your design sets with others.

Accessing and Using the Design Library

Adding Elements from the Design Library

  1. From within Breakdance, go to ‘Add’ and click on ‘Library’ to open the design library.
  2. Browse elements by clicking on the type you want in the sidebar.
  3. Find and select the element you wish to add and click ‘Add to Page.’

Improving Workflow with Your Website

The “Your Website” workflow allows you to easily add sections from other parts of your website to the design you’re currently working on.

  1. From within Breakdance, go to ‘Add’ and click on ‘Library’ to open the design library.
  2. Instead of choosing a library design set, select your own website.
  3. Browse your website to find and reuse sections on the current page you’re editing.
  4. Select a section and click ‘Add to Page.’

Creating and Sharing Design Sets

You can also designate your site as a publicly sharable design set.

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and navigate to Breakdance > Settings.
  2. Select ‘Design Library’ and check ‘Turn this website into a design set’.
  3. Copy the shareable URL provided to allow others to use your website’s design elements.
  4. On another WordPress site, enter the shared URL under custom design sets in Breakdance > Settings.

Additional Notes

This feature enhances the versatility and efficiency of website design in Breakdance. It allows for easy integration of design elements across different pages and websites, making it a valuable tool for both personal use and sharing designs with the community. Note that global colors and fonts specific to a website must be imported using the “Import Global Settings” button at the top of the library design preview window. This is only available if the “This Design Set Relies On Global Settings” option is enabled on the source site.