URL Data Point

Overview of the URL Data Point

This article highlights how to use the URL Data Point in Breakdance. The URL data point may be used to display post links, site links, author and user links, external links, or action links such as a mailto or tel link. Some common elements that use the URL data point include the Text Link, Wrapper Link, and Button elements.

Using the URL Data Point

Add an element that uses a URL data point, such as the Button element. Then, click the database icon located within the link input box. This will open the Dynamic Data Popup, which includes the available URL links on the site.

Select the URL data point that you want, and the URL will work as expected.

Advanced Options

With your element selected, click on the caret next to the data point in the properties pane to open advanced options. With this opened you can add prepend, append, limit characters, and fallback options. The prepend option is very useful for action links or redirect links such as mailto, tel, or sms.