Closing a Popup on Link Click

Step 1: Select Your Popup

Go to the WordPress admin panel and navigate to Breakdance > Popups.

Step 2: Edit Popup in Breakdance

Move your mouse over the popup you have created and want to edit, and click Edit in Breakdance to modify the selected popup.

Step 3: Add a Custom Close Button

  1. Inside the popup editor, click on Add and select the Button element.
  2. Change the button text to something like ‘Close Popup’.

Step 4: Configure Button as Close Action

  1. In the link field of the button, click the settings icon.
  2. Change the Type to Action.
  3. Select Popup as the type of action.
  4. Choose the popup that this button will close.
  5. Set the action to Close. Now, clicking this button will close the popup.

Step 5: Save and Test

After configuring the close button, save your popup. Test the functionality by visiting any page where the popup appears. Clicking the ‘Close Popup’ button will close it.