Advanced Options

Overview of Advanced Options

This article covers the different Advanced Options available for data points in Breakdance. Most data points will have similar options.

Using Advanced Options

You can access the Advanced Options area by clicking the caret next to the data point title in the Properties Pane, and then clicking on the Advanced toggle.

This will open the Advanced Options available for that data point.

In general, a data point will have the following options:

  • Prepend: Add text before a data point. This is generally useful for text labels and for redirect links when used for URL data points.
  • Append: Add text after a data point.
  • Limit Characters: Define the max number of characters that will show from a data point. The rest will be hidden. This is beneficial for Post excerpts or other data points with long rows of text.
  • Fallback:  The default text to use in the event a data point doesn’t have text.
  • Fallback Image: A default image that can be used in the event a data point doesn’t have an image.
  • Fallback Video: A default video to use in the event a data point doesn’t have a video.