Content Controls


The controls within this section allow users to customize the primary content of the Blockquote Element, such as the main text of the quote and its author.

  • Text – Use this to edit or input the main text of the quote.
  • Author – Specify the name of the author for the quote.

Design Controls


These controls focus on the blockquote’s outer container, permitting modifications to its size, background color, and other stylistic elements.

  • Width – Adjust the width of the blockquote container.
  • Min Height – Set a minimum height for the blockquote container.
  • Background – Choose a background color for the blockquote.
  • Padding – Define the space inside the blockquote, between its content and its borders.
    • Padding – Provides detailed control over the padding on all sides of the blockquote container.
  • Borders – Customize the borders of the blockquote container.
    • Radius – Control the roundness of the blockquote container’s corners.
    • Styling – Configure the style, width, and color of the borders.
    • Shadow – Add or modify a shadow effect around the blockquote container.


This section houses controls related to the font styling and appearance for both the main text and the author’s name.

  • Text – Modify font properties, such as typeface, size, and spacing for the main text.
  • Author – Adjust font properties specific to the author’s name display.


These controls provide customization options for the quote icons, their size, color, and placement relative to the text.

  • Icon – Select a desired icon to represent the quote.
  • Icon Position – Decide where the icon should be displayed in relation to the quote (e.g., before, after, above, or below).
  • Alignment – Determine the alignment of the quote when the icon position is set to “above”. (Note: This control is only available when the icon position is set to “above”.)
  • Size – Adjust the size of the quote icon. (Note: This control is only available when an icon is selected.)
  • Color – Choose a color for the quote icon. (Note: This control is only available when an icon is selected.)


Modify the spacing in and around various parts of the blockquote, like the space after the quote and before the author’s name.

  • After Quote – Adjust the space that follows the quote’s main text.
  • Before Author – Control the spacing before the author’s name.
  • Wrapper – Customize spacing related to the overall blockquote wrapper.
    • Margin Top – Define the space above the blockquote.
    • Margin Bottom – Set the space below the blockquote.