Using Adobe Fonts

Introduction to Using Adobe Fonts with Breakdance

This article describes how to integrate Adobe Fonts into your Breakdance website project. It covers the process from selecting fonts on Adobe’s platform to implementing them in Breakdance.

Adding Fonts to Your Breakdance Website

Selection and Addition of Fonts in Adobe

  1. Visit fonts.adobe.com and navigate to the ‘All Fonts’ section.
  2. Select the desired fonts for your project.
  3. Click the code icon next to a font to add it to a web project.
  4. Select ‘Create New Project’ or add to an existing one.
  5. Click ‘Create’ to add the font to your project.

Adding More Fonts to the Project

  1. If you wish to add more fonts, click ‘Done’ and then select another font.
  2. Repeat the process of clicking the code icon and adding the font to the project.
  3. After adding the desired fonts, save the changes in Adobe Fonts.

Extracting the Necessary CSS URL

Adobe Fonts provides HTML code containing the URL to the CSS stylesheet for the fonts. Locate the ‘href’ attribute within the code and copy the URL of the CSS file for your project. This step is similar for other font providers that offer a CSS file.

Using Fonts in Breakdance

Implementing Fonts in Breakdance

  1. Open Breakdance and navigate to Preferences > Custom Fonts under the ‘…’ menu.
  2. Select ‘Use Fonts in External CSS’ and click ‘Add External CSS’.
  3. Paste the copied CSS URL from Adobe Fonts into the provided field and click ‘Add’.
  4. Breakdance will auto-detect all fonts in the CSS file, making them available for use within the platform.
  5. Click ‘Save Fonts’ and close the dialog.