Create A Preset

Creating New Presets for Elements in Breakdance

This guide explains how to create new presets for your elements within Breakdance. Presets help you apply consistent styles across various elements on your site efficiently.

Please note that before a Preset can be created, the element must have styles applied in the Design tab.

Steps to Create a New Preset

  1. With an element selected, navigate to the Design tab in the Properties Panel.
  2. Click the “Choose Design Preset” dropdown at the top of the Design tab, then select “Create Preset from Design”.
  3. Create a name for the Preset or use the auto-generated name.
  4. Click “Save” to create your new preset.

Additional Notes

Creating presets is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your workflow by allowing you to apply predefined styles to multiple elements across your website with just a few clicks. This feature is handy for maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout your site.