Image URL Data Point

Overview of the Image URL Data Point

This article covers the Image URL Data Point in Breakdance. The Image URL data point is used to display images in Breakdance. This includes the featured image, post custom fields, the site logo, and user and author avatars.

Adding an Image URL Data Point

Add an element that uses the Image URL data point, such as the Image element. Then, click the database icon in the properties pane next to the Image URL. This will open the Dynamic Data Popup, which contains all the registered dynamic data points for Breakdance.

Select the Image URL data point that you want to use and it will display in Breakdance and on the front end.

Fallback Image Options

After you’ve selected a data point, you can click on the caret next to the data point in the properties pane to open advanced options and select a fallback image. Some data points may have additional options available.