Product Reviews

Design Controls


The Container section allows you to customize the overall appearance of your reviews container. Adjust its width, background, borders, and padding to match your site’s design and make your reviews stand out or blend in seamlessly.

  • Width – Set the width of the reviews container to control how much space it occupies on the page.
  • Background – Choose a background color for the container to enhance the visibility of your reviews.
  • Borders – Style the container’s borders, including setting the radius for rounded corners, and choose border styling options like color and width.
  • Padding – Adjust the padding inside the container to ensure the content has adequate space from the edges.


In this section, you can personalize how the individual review elements look, including the stars, avatars, and separators between reviews. Tailor these elements to make your reviews visually appealing and easy to read.

  • Stars – Customize the appearance of the review stars, including their color and size, to align with your site’s theme and enhance their visual impact.
  • Avatar – Adjust the size and the border radius of the reviewer’s avatar for a consistent and polished look.
  • Separator – Choose to enable or disable a separator between reviews. If enabled, you can set its color and width to distinguish individual reviews clearly.


Typography settings let you fine-tune the text elements within your reviews, including headings, usernames, review body, and more. Use these controls to ensure the text is legible and fits well with your site’s overall design.

  • Hide Heading – Toggle this to show or hide the heading of the reviews section.
  • Heading – Customize the typography of the review section heading for visual emphasis.
  • Username – Style the typography of the reviewer’s username for clarity and prominence.
  • Meta – Adjust the typography of the review metadata, such as the date or other details.
  • Review – Tailor the typography of the review text to make it easy and enjoyable to read.
  • Form Heading – Style the heading of the review submission form to guide users effectively.


Spacing controls help you manage the layout of your reviews section. Adjust the spacing around and within the reviews container to create a clean, organized display.

  • Container – Control the margin around the overall reviews container for perfect placement on your page.
  • Reviews – Manage the spacing around individual reviews, including around the review, after the stars, meta, and avatar, to maintain visual balance.
  • After Title – Set the space after the reviews title to separate it from the review content.
  • After Reviews – Adjust the space following the reviews section before any subsequent content.
  • After Form Heading – Manage the space after the review form heading to ensure a cohesive layout.


Advanced controls provide additional customization options to enhance the functionality and interactivity of your reviews section.