Fancy Divider

Content Controls


The controls in this section allow users to define the type of content their divider will display, be it an icon, text, or image. Depending on the content type chosen, different customization options become available, ensuring a unique and personalized design.

  • Content – Select the type of content you want your divider to showcase.
  • Icon – Choose an icon for your divider. Note: This control is only available when the content type is set to “icon”.
  • Text – Input the text you wish to display on your divider. Note: This control is only accessible when the content type is “text”.
  • Image – Upload an image to feature in your divider. Note: This control is only available when the content type is “image”.

Design Controls


These controls cater to the aesthetic aspects of the divider, offering choices on its style, pattern (including color, size, and amount), and overall width. These elements contribute to the visual impact and appeal of the divider on your page.

  • Style – Pick a style that best suits the look and feel of your divider.
  • Pattern – Customize the pattern of your divider with these options:
    • Color – Select a color that complements your design.
    • Size – Adjust the size to ensure the pattern fits well with your layout.
    • Amount – Set the quantity of the pattern. Note: This control is not available for dotted, dashed, solid, or double styles.
  • Width – Define the thickness of your divider to make it stand out or blend in with your content.


These controls allow you to manipulate the space that your divider occupies on the page, specifically adjusting the margin at the top and bottom. This functionality is crucial for creating a visually balanced and well-arranged layout.

  • Margin Top – Increase or decrease the space above your divider to optimize layout flow.
  • Margin Bottom – Adjust the space below your divider to improve visual balance and readability.