Changing Element Properties

The Properties panel is the key to modifying every element’s look & behavior in Breakdance.

To access the Properties panel for a given element, simply select the element via the canvas or the Structure panel.

Once an element is selected, you’ll see the Properties panel on the left side of the interface.

You’ll notice up to three tabs, though some elements may only have two of these:

  • Content (pencil icon): This tab houses all of the content controls for an element, such as the text, link properties, and more. These controls are primarily for what appears within the element.
  • Design (palette icon):  In the design tab you’ll find all of the visual styling controls for an element. While the Content tab helps you decide what appears in an element, this tab helps you decide how the individual parts of the element look.
  • Settings (gear icon): Here you’ll find more advanced controls for the element, such as wrapper settings, classes, conditions and much more.

Searching For Controls

Some rarely used controls may require multiple clicks to access. Instead of clicking through the various panels, you can search for the exact control you need using the search field at the bottom of the Properties panel.

A screenshot of the "search" field in at the bottom of the Properties panel in Breakdance.

When you begin typing in this field, you’ll see all controls that match the search term.

To see only fields that have been modified, click the “modified” button.

To search for fields in the Settings tab, click the gear icon.