Element Display Conditions

Using Conditions with Dynamic Data

In this article, we demonstrate how to conditionally display elements. This is useful for showing different options for logged in users or logged out users, hiding content based on the value of a custom field, or other use-cases.

Adding Conditions to Elements

  1. Go to Settings > Conditions > Edit Conditions. This will open up the Conditions Popup.
  2. Click “+Add Condition”.
  3. Select the “Choose Condition” dropdown and select the intended condition. You can also type into the dropdown to find your desired condition.
  4. Choose the operator for the condition and the value.
  5. Click the “Apply Conditions” button.

Testing the Condition

After setting up the conditions and saving your changes, visit your website on the front end to verify the condition is functioning correctly.

Additional Notes

This approach allows for a dynamic user experience, tailoring the website’s navigation based on the user’s login status. By utilizing conditions in Breakdance, you can create a more personalized and intuitive interface for your users.