Designing The My Account Page

Creating a Custom WooCommerce My Account Section with Breakdance

This article covers creating a custom WooCommerce ‘My Account’ section. While the default Breakdance ‘My Account’ page looks excellent, this guide will help you customize it to better match your brand and style preferences.

Accessing the My Account Page

Navigating to the Page in WordPress Admin

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Navigate to ‘Pages’ and find the ‘My Account’ page.
  3. Open the ‘My Account’ page in Breakdance for editing.

Adding and Customizing the Account Page Element

Using Breakdance for Customization

  1. In Breakdance, click ‘Add’ and select the Account Page element.
  2. Customize the layout, such as setting tabs to display horizontally at the top and centering them.
  3. Adjust the style of the tabs, like adding a background color and spacing.

Utilizing Global Styles for Brand Consistency

Using global styles to ensure all WooCommerce elements on your website match your brand is recommended. You can access WooCommerce settings through Settings > Global Settings > WooCommerce in Breakdance. This will allow you to:

  1. Change brand colors, affecting elements like links and tab hover effects.
  2. Customize notice styles.
  3. Make changes to notice backgrounds, text, icons, and links to reflect your brand colors.

Element-Specific Customizations

After setting global styles, you can customize elements like the ‘My Account’ tabs directly within the element settings in Breakdance.