Product Excerpt

Design Controls


In this section, you’ll find controls that allow you to adjust the overall dimensions of the Product Excerpt Element. By tweaking these settings, you can ensure your product excerpt fits perfectly within your webpage’s design.

  • Width – Adjust the width of the Product Excerpt Element for optimal presentation.


This section provides you with typography options for various textual parts of the Product Excerpt Element. From headings to paragraph text, you can ensure consistency and readability across your site.

  • Default – Modify the default typography settings for the Product Excerpt Element.
  • H1 – Set the typography for H1 headers within the excerpt.
  • H2 – Configure the typography for H2 headers within the excerpt.
  • H3 – Tweak the typography settings for H3 headers in the excerpt.
  • H4 – Adjust the typography for H4 headers within the excerpt.
  • Paragraph – Change the typography for standard paragraphs in the excerpt.
  • Link – Fine-tune the typography of hyperlinks within the excerpt.
  • List – Set the typography for bulleted or numbered lists in the excerpt.


The Spacing section helps you refine the spacing between various elements within the Product Excerpt. With the tools here, you can achieve a clean and structured look, avoiding clutter and enhancing readability.

  • Wrapper – Adjust the overall spacing around the Product Excerpt Element.
  • H1 – Manage the spacing for H1 headers.
  • H2 – Configure the spacing for H2 headers.
  • H3 – Set the spacing for H3 headers.
  • H4 – Change the spacing for H4 headers.
  • Paragraph – Refine the spacing for paragraphs.
  • List – Adjust spacing for lists in the excerpt.