Trigger Popup On Form Submission

Introduction to Popup Action in Breakdance Form Builder

Learn how to use the popup action in Breakdance’s form builder to trigger a popup when a form is submitted, enhancing user interaction and feedback.

Configuring Popup Action in Form Builder

Adding Popup Action to Your Form

  1. Select the form builder in the builder preview within Breakdance.
  2. In the properties panel on the left hand side, expand the actions section.
  3. Choose ‘Popup’ from the ‘Actions after submission’ dropdown.
  4. Click the edit icon to open the options for this action.

Designating Popup for Success and Error

  1. Configure a pop-up to show on successful submission by clicking ‘Add Popup’.
  2. In the pop-up dropdown, select the popup you’d like to trigger.
  3. Choose the desired action in the ‘Popup Action’ dropdown, such as ‘Open’.
  4. Optionally, set up a different popup or action for form errors.
  5. Close the popup settings and save your changes.

Testing the Popup Integration

Ensure the popup action works correctly by testing the form submission:

  1. Go to the front end of your website and submit the form.
  2. Verify that the configured popup appears upon successful submission.


By integrating a popup action with your Breakdance form, you can provide immediate feedback to users upon form submission, improving the overall user experience and engagement on your website.