Icon Library

The Breakdance Icon Library contains Font Awesome Icons and IcoMoon icons by default. It is also possible to import custom Icons for use in the Icon Library.

Accessing the Icon Library

The Icon Library can be accessed with an element that has an Icon control, such as the Icon element. When you choose an Icon, the library will open.

From here, you can browse the Icons within the library. You can choose to browse All Icons or filter by specific Icon Sets.

Uploading Custom Icons

Uploading Custom Icons into Breakdance can be done with the following steps:

  1. Open the Icon Library
  2. Click the ‘Upload’ button.
  3. Upload individual SVGs or an IcoMoon symbols-def.svg file into the input box.
  4. Choose to save the Icons to an existing Icon Set or create a new Icon Set.
  5. Click the ‘Save Icons’ button.

Deleting Custom Icons

It is possible to delete all Custom Icons in an Icon Set:

  1. Open the Icon Library
  2. Select an Icon Set
  3. Click the ‘Delete Icon Set’ button

Please note that this will delete all Icons in the set and will not delete individual Icons.

Updating from Font Awesome 5 to Font Awesome 6

If you’ve upgraded from Breakdance v1 to Breakdance v2, you may need to perform additional steps to update from Font Awesome 5 to Font Awesome 6.

Please note that after running these steps, you will need to reinstall any Custom Icons. 

  1. Go to Breakdance > Settings in WP Admin and go to ‘Tools.’
  2. Run the ‘Soft Reset’ tool
  3. You should now have Font Awesome 6 Icons installed