Vertical Flexbox

Introduction to Vertical Flexbox Layout in Breakdance

In this guide, we explore the vertical flexbox layout option in Breakdance, a powerful feature for arranging elements within your projects. This layout option offers flexibility in aligning and spacing your content vertically within a container.

Accessing Vertical Flexbox Layout Options

Locating the Vertical Layout Option

  1. Select the element you wish to modify.
  2. Navigate to the properties panel located on the left side of your screen.
  3. Under the layout tab within the properties panel, find the vertical layout option. This is typically the default setting for most elements.

Adjusting Vertical Flexbox Layout Settings

After selecting the vertical flexbox layout, you will be presented with additional settings to customize your layout further:

  1. Alignment: Adjusts the horizontal alignment of your content within the container. Options include left, center, or right alignment.
  2. Vertical Alignment: Modifies the vertical alignment of your content. You can align content to the top, middle, or bottom of the container.
  3. Gap: Allows you to define the space between elements within the container. This option helps in creating evenly spaced layouts and improving the overall design aesthetics.

Additional Notes

The vertical flexbox layout option is a versatile tool for web designers and developers using Breakdance. It simplifies the process of creating responsive designs that adapt to various screen sizes. By mastering the alignment and spacing features, you can enhance the visual appeal and usability of your web projects.