Instagram Post

Content Controls


This section contains controls that allow you to specify the Instagram post you want to display. By providing the direct URL of the post, you ensure that the exact content you wish to share is integrated seamlessly into your website design.

  • Post URL – Here, you can input the exact link to the Instagram post you want to showcase, ensuring it’s displayed accurately on your website.

Design Controls


This section offers you creative freedom over the presentation of your Instagram post within your web page. You can adjust the width to suit your layout preferences and choose to hide the caption for a cleaner look, depending on your design needs.

  • Width – This control allows you to set the width of the Instagram post within your page, helping you maintain a consistent layout and visual flow.
  • Hide Caption – This toggle lets you choose whether to display the original caption of the Instagram post. Turning this on will hide the caption, possibly making the post less cluttered and more visually appealing.


The controls in this section are dedicated to adjusting the space that your Instagram post occupies on your website, allowing you to manipulate its position for better overall visual balance and composition. This includes the ability to set the top and bottom margins, thereby controlling the vertical spacing around the post.

  • Margin Top – This control allows you to increase or decrease the space above the Instagram post, helping you integrate it smoothly within your page’s content flow.
  • Margin Bottom – Similarly, this lets you adjust the space below the post, ensuring it doesn’t feel cramped and maintains harmony with surrounding elements.