Product Description

Design Controls


Adjust the overall dimensions of the Product Description Element with the controls in this section. By tweaking these settings, you can ensure the product description fits perfectly within the design of your website.

  • Width – Define the horizontal span of the product description area.


Typography controls help you define the font and style for various text elements. Make your product description stand out or seamlessly blend with your website’s overall aesthetic by customizing these settings.

  • Default – Set the base typography settings for the product description.
  • H1 – Customize the typography for H1 headings within the description.
  • H2 – Adjust the font and style for H2 headings.
  • H3 – Define typography settings for H3 headings.
  • H4 – Modify the font and style for H4 headings.
  • Paragraph – Set the typography for regular text paragraphs.
  • Link – Customize the appearance of hyperlinks within the product description.
  • List – Adjust typography for list items.


Control the spacing around and between different elements of the product description. Proper spacing can enhance readability and ensure that your product information is presented cleanly and attractively.

  • Wrapper – Manage the outer spacing of the entire product description element.
  • H1 – Control spacing specific to H1 headings.
  • H2 – Manage the spacing around H2 headings.
  • H3 – Adjust spacing for H3 headings.
  • H4 – Customize spacing around H4 headings.
  • Paragraph – Define the spacing for text paragraphs.
  • List – Manage the spacing and padding for lists and list items.