Building a Horizontal Email Subscribe Form

Introduction to Building a Horizontal Email Subscribe Form in Breakdance

Learn how to create a sleek, horizontal email subscription form using Breakdance’s Form Builder, perfect for integrating into website footers or other sections.

Adding the Form Builder to Your Design

Starting with Form Builder

  1. Click the ‘Add’ button at the top left of the Breakdance interface.
  2. Search for ‘Form Builder’ and click or drag it to your desired area in the design.

Configuring the Form Builder

Setting Up the Subscription Form

  1. Change the name of the form to ‘Subscription Form’.
  2. Remove unnecessary fields like name and message, leaving only the email field.
  3. Change the submit button text to ‘Subscribe’ and set the success message to ‘You have subscribed’.
  4. Decide whether to hide the form on success or redirect after submission (optional).

Integrating with Email Platforms

  1. Choose an Action for an email platform integration such as Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or Drip, if needed.
  2. Keep the ‘Store Submission’ action active for storing submissions to import into your email software later.

Styling the Subscription Form

Customizing Form Appearance

  1. Under ‘Form’ style settings, navigate to ‘Fields’, then ‘Advanced’, and enable the ‘Hide Labels’ option.
  2. Adjust the ‘Submit Button’ style to match the form field size at Design > Form > Submit Button > Styles in the Properties panel.
  3. Set the form layout to horizontal at Design > Layout.
  4. Align the border radius of the field and the button for consistency, adjusting under ‘Form’ > ‘Fields’ > ‘Borders’ in the Design tab of the Properties panel.

Enhancing Field Visibility

  1. For the email field, add a placeholder text under ‘Advanced’ to indicate the field’s purpose, maintaining visual clarity.

Finalizing the Form Design

With these adjustments, you now have a functional and aesthetically pleasing horizontal email subscription form, ready to be integrated into your website’s footer or any other section.


Breakdance’s Form Builder offers versatile tools to create custom forms, such as a horizontal email subscription form, enhancing user engagement and website aesthetics.