Structure Panel

Breakdance’s Structure Panel provides an easy way to see the structure of your designs at a glance, manipulate the order of elements, and nest/un-nest elements easily.

Accessing The Structure Panel

  1. Open the Breakdance editor.
  2. Click the Structure Panel icon just to the left of the three-dot icon at the top right of the interface.

Using The Structure Panel

Once the Structure Panel is open, you’ll be presented with a hierarchical “tree view” of your design.

This helps you quickly assess the order and nesting of elements in your design with much higher accuracy.

You can collapse the tree view by clicking the “collapse” button at the top right of the Structure Panel. This will close all parent containers (usually Sections) so that their children are hidden in the tree view.

From the Structure Panel, you can also:

  • Click the “Duplicate” icon on any individual node to duplicate it.
  • Click the “Trash Can” icon on any individual node to delete it.
  • Click the “Three Lines” hamburger menu on any individual node to expand a menu with even more options like copy, paste, paste design/settings, and save as Global Block.

Re-Ordering Elements

The Structure Pane fully supports drag and drop for re-ordering individual elements or entire containers.

To re-order the structure, simply click and drag any element to the desired location within the structure.

If the dragged element is a container, it will take all child elements with it.