Dynamic data without code.

Visually link your data to your design elements.
Video overview

Build dynamic websites visually.

Watch a 15 minute no-code demo where we build a real estate website with a custom post type, Advanced Custom Fields, and the Post Loop Builder.
Dynamic data

Link elements settings to database data

If it's in the WordPress database, you can put it in your design. Breakdance makes it easy.
post Loop Builder

Design custom post loops visually.

Create designs that apply to loops of posts or any custom post type.

Grid, List or Slider

Display posts or any custom post type as a grid, a list, or as a slider. 

Any Custom Post Type

Display a list of posts from any custom post type - just choose your post type and query.

Custom Queries

Use a visual interface to set common query parameters, or return a completely custom query with PHP.


Paginate your loop. Choose the total number of items, items per page, and the pagination style, including infinite scroll and AJAX load more.
Dynamic data

Conditional Logic

Show or hide elements based on anything.

User Status

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User Registration Date
User Role


Day of the Week
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Page View Count
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Dynamic Data
Custom PHP
Operating System

Post Data

Post ID
Post Parent
Post Comment Count
...and many more!

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