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Show Elements

Breakdance's conditional element display options allow you to show or hide any element based on powerful logical conditions.


18,000+ creators use Breakdance to build incredible websites

Create potent logic-driven designs.

With powerful conditions at your fingertips, you can create bespoke designs that adapt to any situation.

Member Areas

Create areas for members only with user status and role conditions.

Protected Content

Keep prying eyes away from private content.

Time-limited Content

Build banners & notices that only appear exactly when needed.

Fallback Content

Avoid awkward spaces with intelligently revealed fallback content.

Adaptive Designs

Create smart templates that adapt to the data that is available.

And Much More

Give your site super powers with the infinite possibilities of conditions.

Built-in conditions.

Use our extensive stable of built-in conditions.

Every scenario is covered.

Whether you want to show content to specific types of users, at specific dates and times, or based on any other criteria - our conditions can handle it.

User Status

Logged In
Registration Date


Day of the Week
Current Time
Current Date


Referer URL
Referer Type


Dynamic Data
Custom PHP
Operating System

Post Data

Post ID
Post Type


Page View Count
Session Count

And/Or Logic

Combine conditions and amplify their power with robust and/or logic.

Custom conditions.

Use the PHP Condition option or our API to implement any conditional logic imaginable.

Custom PHP

The Custom PHP condition allows you to use PHP and return true or false based on your own logic.

Conditions API

Dive deep and write your own conditions for Breakdance, then use them directly from the UI.

And/Or Logic

Create powerful combinations with built-in and/or logic.

Learn Conditions with in-depth tutorials

Get up to speed fast with our overview tutorial, or consult our documentation for a deep dive.

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Unlimited websites.

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