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Switching from Gutenberg to Breakdance can take your website creation to the next level. Here are some compelling reasons to make the switch.

Why are people switching from Gutenberg to Breakdance?

Speed and performance

With Breakdance, your website will have lightning-fast loading times, providing a seamless experience for both visitors and search engine bots.

WooCommerce integration

Breakdance simplifies the process of building WooCommerce websites with its user-friendly visual builder.

Powerful global styles

Global settings allow for quick website creation in mere minutes.

Flexible display conditions

The ability to show or hide elements and sections based on any criteria adds to the flexibility of the builder.

Loops and Dynamic Data

Build dynamic websites visually using loops and repeaters, and connect your database with ease.

Better and faster workflow

Searchable panels, revision history, and the ability to copy and paste elements across websites streamline the website building process.

“With Breakdance, we were able to significantly expand our capacity for web projects. From the development to the support of the websites, our work processes have been greatly improved and simplified.
Christoph Lindhauer

Agency Founder @



Breakdance Gutenberg
Zero Customization Beautiful Defaults not provided
WooCommerce styles in Gutenberg come from the theme, or from WooCommerce itself.
WooCommerce Global Styling Controls not provided
WooCommerce styles in Gutenberg come from the theme, or from WooCommerce itself.
Optimized For Conversions By Default
WooCommerce styles in Gutenberg come from the theme, or from WooCommerce itself.
WooCommerce Elements 35+
The official WooCommerce Blocks plugin on is rated 2.5 stars, with more 1 star reviews than 5 star reviews. It is described as "how WooCommerce might work with the block editor" and is not considered stable.
Thank You Page auto-styled with global settings
WooCommerce styles in Gutenberg come from the theme, or from WooCommerce itself.
Granular Cart Elements not provided
not even provided in the experimental WooCommerce Blocks plugin
Granular Checkout Elements not provided
not even provided in the experimental WooCommerce Blocks plugin
Menu Builder and WooCommerce are the best features in Breakdance. The rest of the elements are also fantastic. You have done a great job - keep up the amazing work.
Allwyn Jolly

Creative Professional


Breakdance Gutenberg
Blank Page Asset Size under 40kb
under 20kb compressed
As long as you use the right 3rd party element packs, Gutenberg's performance is generally good and on par with Breakdance.
JavaScript Files Loaded On Empty Page 1 depends
depends on theme
No jQuery By Default depends
depends on theme
Bloat Removal Options
Breakdance provides built-in options to remove default WordPress bloat.
not provided
you can always use a 3rd party performance plugin
Generated Div Tags For One Heading Element 0 0
choose your addons carefully
RankMath Compatibility
Breakdance is fully compatible with RankMath, but as of October 2022, RankMath doesn't provide an SEO score for Breakdance-designed content.
Yoast SEO Compatibility

Dynamic Data

Breakdance Gutenberg
Dynamic Data
Gutenberg has elements for displaying post titles, post featured images, excerpts, and more - but no in-depth dynamic data integration like Breakdance or Elementor.
Conditional Element Display not provided
Post Loop Builder
Gutenberg has a rudimentary query loop builder, but the functionality is nowhere close to what is provided by Breakdance or 3rd party Elementor add-ons.
Advanced Custom Fields Integration
requires code
Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Field
requires code
Metabox Integration
requires code
Metabox Repeater Field
requires code
Toolset Integration
The Toolset team has paused development. Breakdance advises against using Toolset.
The Toolset team has paused development. Breakdance advises against using Toolset.
I like the short time needed to build really solid sites, nice page speed, and really nice pre-built modules.
Nick Flowers

Creative Professional


Breakdance Gutenberg
Custom Form Builder
Global Form Styles
With Breakdance you can style all the forms on your website from one location for a consistent look, including WooCommerce forms.
Conditional Fields
Multi-Step Forms
File Uploads not provided
planned, but probably not in 1.1
Marketing Integrations
Contact Form
Register Form
Email Subscribe Form
Lost Password Form
Login Form

Headers & Footers

Breakdance Gutenberg
Mega Menu Builder not provided
a number of 3rd party add-ons are available
Build Headers & Footers in beta
Control where your headers and footers appear and who they are shown to - i.e. a member portal header, a logged out user header, etc.
in Gutenberg, the creation of template parts and where they appear is handled in the theme's code
Dedicated Header Builder Element
The dedicated Header Builder element in Breakdance provides header-specific functionality such as sticky on scroll, overlay, etc.
not provided
Sticky Headers not provided
sticky functionality is not built-in to Gutenberg, but might be provided by the theme
Overlay Headers
just check a box to make your header an overlay
generally handled by the theme, not Gutenberg
Powerful. Time to say goodbye to Elementor.
Michael Kato

Creative Professional


Breakdance Gutenberg
Design Preview
Does the design look the same on the frontend of the website?
accurate inaccurate
WP admin styles can leak into the design preview.
Responsive Preview accurate & scaled
responsive styles are correctly applied based on the preview width, and the entire preview is visible with optional scaling if the preview is bigger than the available viewport
The design could look different on the frontend, because responsive styles are applied based on the browser width, not the editor preview width, unless you choose one of two preset breakpoints. Breakdance and Elementor support previewing the design at any width.
Scaled Design Preview
If the design is bigger than the area of the screen that is being used to preview the design, the best experience is to scale the design down.
Design breaks / goes responsive.
Searchable UI Panels
Search for elements, properties, classes, and just about everything else just by typing.
You can search for elements but not much else.
Styles Present Indicator
See where styles are coming from with an indication in the UI.
not provided
Cross-Page Copy / Paste
Draggable Spacing not provided
Drag & Drop
Officially, Gutenberg supports drag & drop, but in our opinion, the UX needs a lot of polish.
Cross-Domain Copy / Paste
you can copy the raw HTML to transfer elements between sites
Draft Mode
Mark any section as a draft to hide it on the frontend.
Built-in WordPress draft & revisions functionality.
URL Replacement For Migrations not provided
Keyboard Shortcuts
Right-Click Menu not provided
Structure Panel Friendly Names not provided
Create Your Own Component Library automatic
In Breakdance, open the design library and choose "This Website" to browse through every page on your website as if it was part of the design library.
block pattern
this is a multi-step process involving code

Developer API

Breakdance Gutenberg
Element Creation API Element Studio
Element Studio is a visual IDE for creating custom elements live inside Breakdance. It's included with Breakdance.
Complex API
Gutenberg's APIs are very complex. Creating elements generally requires React and running build scripts.
PHP Code Block Element
write and run PHP code live inside of Breakdance
not provided
you can always use a 3rd party code snippets plugin
Element Display Conditions API not provided
Gutenberg doesn't have native element display conditions at all, but you can use a 3rd party plugin.
Dynamic Data API
As of mid 2022, while you can write code to add dynamic tags to Gutenberg and technically it is done with an API, the code needed to achieve the same thing in Breakdance or Elementor is an order of magnitude simpler.
Form Submissions API
Build and run custom handlers on form submission - i.e. custom PHP, or a new handler that appears in the Actions After Submit dropdown.
not provided
Gutenberg doesn't have built-in forms functionality.
Hooks / Actions & Filters
Custom WP_Query w/ PHP Array inside Breakdance
customize any WP_Query in Breakdance with PHP
Use a filter to change the query.

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