Designed with performance in mind

Breakdance's incredibly fast load times keep visitors and search engine bots happy.
Incredibly fast

Here's why Breakdance websites load so quickly

Breakdance's output is clean and free of unnecessary bloat, which is why they load quickly and score so well on Google Lighthouse.

Clean Code

Breakdance's HTML structure is similar to what a highly skilled developer would hand-code.

Lazy Load Everywhere

Easily set images and embedded videos to lazy load, so they don't slow down your initial load.

CDN Ready

Easily link your site to a CDN. Breakdance is fully compatible with all CDNs.

Built-In Caching

Breakdance caches all static CSS whenever you save your page. 

Optimized Images

Breakdance uses the img srcset and sizes functionality built-in to WordPress

Built-in Bloat Eliminator

Disable default legacy WordPress bloat that is unnecessary on modern websites in one click.

Bloat matters more than you might think

Not every internet connection is always fast. Performance testing tools can easily mislead when they assume extremely high connection speeds. We've all been somewhere with spotty cell services or just too far away from the wifi router. 
The chart here shows what happens to the download time for 1 megabyte of data when connection speeds slow down.

(note: "Mbps" means megabits per second, and a bit is 1/8 of a byte)

"I am building my website with Breakdance. It's the first time I get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights."

Georg Von Cederbörg
Creative Professional

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Slow load times increase visitor bounce rate.

Here's a chart from Google showing what happens to your bounce rate for every extra second it takes your page to load.
And slow websites will decrease your conversion rate. Even for the people that stay - they're less likely to purchase. Amazon did a study showing billions in lost revenue for every 1 second increase in load time.

Use with your favorite SEO plugin.

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