Passing Dynamic Data From a URL Parameter in Forms

Introduction to Populating Form Fields with URL Parameters in Breakdance

Learn how to use URL parameters to populate form fields in Breakdance Form Builder, enhancing user experience by streamlining their interaction with your forms.

Understanding URL Parameters

URL parameters are key-value pairs in a webpage’s URL. They can be used to dynamically pre-populate form fields based on the URL visited by the user.

Setting Up Links with URL Parameters

Creating Parameterized URLs

  1. Prepare links directing to your form page, appending a URL parameter like “?team=moving” to the URL.
  2. Adjust the URL parameter value for each link to represent different form contexts (e.g., moving, decoration, management).

Configuring Breakdance Form Builder

Editing Form Fields to Accept URL Parameters

  1. Select the Form Builder in the Breakdance preview.
  2. In the Properties Panel, select the form field you wish to populate with the URL parameter value.
  3. Under the field’s advanced options, find the default value setting.
  4. Use the dynamic data option (database icon) to set the default value to a URL parameter.
  5. Specify the URL parameter key (e.g., ‘team’) to link it with the field.

Setting Fallback Values

  1. In the URL parameter dynamic data options, set a fallback value to be used when the URL parameter is not present.
  2. This ensures a default value is used if the URL parameter is missing.

Implementing Advanced Use Cases

Use URL parameters for critical fields like routing form submissions to specific email inboxes. For instance, create a hidden field to hold the team name from the URL parameter and configure your email action to use this field’s value to determine the recipient email address.

Testing and Verifying Functionality

Test the form by visiting the links with different URL parameters and submitting the form. Verify the correct behavior and email routing in the Breakdance Form Submissions section in the WordPress admin panel.


By leveraging URL parameters, Breakdance forms can be made more dynamic and user-friendly, tailoring the form experience based on how users navigate to your form page.