Facebook Comments

Content Controls


These controls allow you to manage and customize the display of comments on your website. You can specify the number of comments to show, determine their arrangement, and set the target content for the comments, with the option to use a custom URL.

  • Count – Set the number of comments you’d like to display.
  • Sort By – Choose how comments are sorted on the page, such as by newest or most popular.
  • Comment on – Select what content the comments are associated with, like posts, pages, or a custom URL.
  • Custom URL – If you’ve selected to comment on a ‘custom URL,’ this option becomes available to specify that URL. (Note: this control is only available when ‘Comment on’ is set to ‘custom_url’)

Design Controls


These controls help you adjust the dimensions of the comments section, ensuring it fits well within your site’s layout.

  • Width – Adjust the width of the comments section to best suit your page design.


Control the spacing of the comments section by adjusting its external margins, helping to maintain your page’s visual balance and readability.

  • Margin Top – Increase or decrease the space above the comments section.
  • Margin Bottom – Adjust the space below the comments section to your preference.