Introduction to the FacetWP Integration with Breakdance

This guide covers how to use FacetWP for advanced filtering and sorting of Loop elements in Breakdance. FacetWP is a paid plugin that allows for the advanced filtering of WordPress content.

Before you start this guide, you should already have FacetWP installed and activated, and have already created several Facets. If you’re unsure how to create a Facet, you may find the FacetWP documentation helpful.

Setting up the FacetWP Facet element.

To start using FacetWP with Breakdance, you will want to add a FacetWP Facet element to a page or template where your Loop element is. After you’ve added the Facet element , you can then select the Facet you wish to display from the dropdown menu.

Please note that you will not see the Facet in Breakdance, it will only display on the front end.

Preparing the Loop element to allow FacetWP filtering.

After you’ve added the FacetWP Facet element to the page, select your Loop element. At the bottom of the Properties Pane, go to the FacetWP section and Enable FacetWP.

The Loop element should then filter on the front end based on the values selected from FacetWP filters.

Using Pagination with FacetWP

When FacetWP is enabled, Breakdance’s default pagination is disabled. To use pagination, you’ll need to use a FacetWP’s Pager Facet to control pagination with Breakdance Loop elements.

A common practice for this is to set the Facet element assigned to the Pager Facet directly below the Loop element.