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Design Controls


Control the alignment and spacing of your content with these tools. Whether you want to center your content, adjust the space between elements, or align items on the vertical axis, it’s all possible here.

  • Align – Select how elements line up horizontally.
  • Vertical Align – Choose the vertical alignment of content within their containers.
  • Gap – Adjust the space between elements in your layout.
  • Horizontal – Fine-tune horizontal alignment settings:
    • Align – Specifically align content horizontally.
    • Vertical Align – Adjust vertical alignment within a horizontal layout.
    • Vertical At – Set the breakpoint at which the vertical alignment setting kicks in.


These settings allow you to adjust the width of your elements, providing a perfect fit for your design.

  • Width – Define the element’s width to best suit your layout.


Create a stunning background with these controls. Whether you prefer a simple color, an image, or a complex layered approach, the options are at your fingertips.

  • Color – Select a background color for your section.
  • Clip – Choose how the background image is clipped or resized within its container.
  • Layers – Build a layered background with various images and colors.


Enhance the edges of your elements with customizable borders. Add rounded corners, define border style, and even cast shadows for a touch of depth.

  • Radius – Round the corners of your elements by adjusting the border radius.
  • Styling – Define the style, width, and color of your element borders.
  • Shadow – Add or adjust shadow effects to give your elements depth.


Control the cushion of space around your content, ensuring nothing feels cramped or overly spread out.

  • Padding – Adjust the space between your element’s border and its content.