Checkout Order Review

Design Controls

Your Order

Personalize the visual appeal of the ‘Your Order’ section to provide a clear and concise review of the customer’s order. From backgrounds to borders, every design choice can enhance the clarity and aesthetics of the order summary.

  • Background – Modify the backdrop color of the ‘Your Order’ section for better visibility and coherence with your website’s theme.
  • Padding – Adjust the space between the content and the edges of the ‘Your Order’ section.
    • Padding – Fine-tune the internal spacing of the section to give each element enough room to breathe and ensure a clean layout.
  • Borders – Shape the boundary of the ‘Your Order’ section for a defined look.
    • Radius – Round off the corners of the borders to create a modern or classic look as desired.
    • Styling – Choose the style, thickness, and color of the borders to make them subtle or prominent.
    • Shadow – Add a shadow effect to give depth to the ‘Your Order’ section, making it stand out on the page.


Adjust the vertical space around the ‘Your Order’ section to ensure it fits seamlessly within the checkout page. Manage the distances to provide a balanced flow from one section to the next.

  • Margin Top – Control the space above the ‘Your Order’ section, ensuring a smooth transition from preceding elements.
  • Margin Bottom – Set the gap below the ‘Your Order’ section to guide the customer’s eye towards the next phase of the checkout process.