Section Shape Dividers

The Divider option is available on Sections in Breakdance. While it’s not a stand-alone element, it does have a number of unique configuration options.

Configuration Options

Shape: Choose which shape is used for the shape divider. There are a number of options available, such as Angles, Curves, Drips, Waves, Triangles, and more.

Color: Choose the color for the shape divider.

Flip Horizontally: This option allows you to flip the shape horizontally, mirroring it. This is useful for some designs and for avoiding repetition when using the same shape in multiple locations.

Position: Pick whether to show the shape divider along the top edge or the bottom edge of the Section.

Width: Set the width of the shape divider. The minimum recommended value is 100%, but you can make the shape wider for a more subtle effect when using certain shapes.

Height: Set the height of the shape divider.

Display in front of content: Turn this option on if you want the shape divider to overlap the Section’s content rather than being behind it.