Woo Widget

Content Controls


The controls in this section allow you to define the messages and notifications displayed on your website.

  • Widget – Allows you to select the desired WooCommerce Widget.

Design Controls


The container settings give you the power to modify the overall appearance and boundaries of the Woo Widget Element.

  • Width – Adjust the width of the container to fit your design preferences.
  • Background – Choose a color for the container’s background to match your site’s theme.
  • Padding – Control the inner spacing of the container.
    • Padding – Specifically adjust the amount of padding space within the container.
  • Borders – Design the boundaries of the container.
    • Radius – Soften or sharpen the container’s corners by adjusting the border radius.
    • Styling – Customize the appearance and style of the container’s borders.
    • Shadow – Add a drop shadow effect to create depth for the container.


These controls offer fundamental adjustments to the overall design and appearance of your element.

  • Borders – Set the color of the general borders for consistency across your site.


Modify the appearance, visibility, and spacing of the title within the Woo Widget Element.

  • Hide – Toggle this control to show or hide the title based on your design needs.
  • Typography – Fine-tune the font style, size, and appearance of the title.
  • Space Below – Control the amount of space between the title and the content below it.


These controls provide deeper customizations and are recommended for users familiar with intricate design adjustments.


Manage the external spacing around the Woo Widget Element to ensure it aligns perfectly within your webpage layout.

  • Margin Top – Adjust the space above the element to create breathing room or to bring it closer to other elements.
  • Margin Bottom – Modify the space below the element based on your page’s flow and design.