Sticky Columns On Scroll

Creating a Sticky Column Contents Effect in Breakdance

In this article, learn how to create a sticky column contents effect. This effect allows an image in a column to stick to the top of the screen as you scroll down the page and then scroll out of view once you reach the end of the column.

Setting Up the Sticky Column Effect

Preparing the Columns and Image

  1. For the effect to work, you’ll need to add a Columns element with two or more columns.
  2. One of the columns must have a large enough amount of content that there is room for the sticky element to move when you scroll.
  3. Add the element you wish to implement the effect for to one of your columns without other content.

Making the Element Sticky

  1. Select the element that should be sticky.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Animations’ > ‘Sticky’ in the Properties panel.
  3. Choose ‘Position: Top’ to make the image stick to the top of the screen as you scroll.

Testing the Effect

After setting the element to sticky, scroll down your page to see the element stick to the top and then scroll out of view at the end of the column.

Additional Notes

This sticky column contents effect in Breakdance is a simple yet powerful tool to enhance the user experience on your website. It’s particularly useful for keeping important images or information visible as users navigate through your content.