Flex Align Content

Understanding Align Content in Flexbox Layouts

in this article, we’re going to go discuss the align-content CSS setting forFlexbox layouts. Align-content allows you to control the spacing between all of your elements. This is particularly useful when you have multiple lines of items in your Flexbox container.

Using Align Content

  1. Flex Start: If we choose flex start for the align content, all the different items will align at the top of the container. This groups your items together at the beginning of the flex container’s cross axis.
  2. Flex End: Choosing flex end will align all the items towards the end of the container. This is useful for pushing all items to the bottom of the container’s cross axis.

Practical Applications of Align Content

Align content is particularly useful in scenarios where your flex container has extra space along the cross axis and contains multiple lines of flex items. It gives you the control to distribute that space according to your design needs, whether you want all items grouped at the top, spread out evenly, or pushed to the bottom.

Additional Notes

It’s important to remember that align content has an effect only when there’s extra space in the container and the container has multiple lines of items. For a single line of flex items, align items would be the property to adjust for aligning content along the cross axis.

CSS Property Reference: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/align-content