Revisions System

Introduction to Breakdance’s Revision System

The Breakdance revisions system allows users to restore previous versions of their pages, providing a safety net for content changes and updates.

Utilizing the Revision System

Accessing Page History

  1. Click on the “…” menu located typically at the top right of the builder interface.
  2. Select the “History” option from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on “Revisions” to view all saved versions of your page.

Restoring Old Revisions

  1. Scroll through the list of revisions to locate the version you want to restore.
  2. Click on an old revision to load it. The page content will update to display the selected revision.
  3. If you decide to restore the currently loaded revision, simply click on it.
  4. Edit the page as needed from here, or save this version if it’s the desired content state.

Additional Notes

The revision system in Breakdance is an efficient tool for managing different versions of a page. It’s particularly useful for reverting unwanted changes or recovering lost content. By understanding and utilizing this feature, users can significantly enhance their content management process.