Run Custom JavaScript On Form Submission

Introduction to Custom JavaScript Action in Breakdance Form Builder

Learn how to implement the custom JavaScript action in Breakdance’s form builder to execute custom JavaScript code when a form is submitted, offering enhanced interactivity and customization.

Setting Up Custom JavaScript in Form Builder

Adding Custom JavaScript Action

  1. Select your form builder in the builder preview within Breakdance.
  2. In the properties panel on the left hand side, expand the actions section.
  3. Under ‘Actions after submission’, open the dropdown and choose ‘Custom JavaScript’.
  4. Click the Edit icon next to ‘Custom JavaScript’ to open the configuration options.

Configuring JavaScript Code

  1. Insert your custom JavaScript code in the provided area for ‘Successful Submission’ or ‘Failed Submission’.
  2. Close the configuration and save your changes.

Testing the Custom JavaScript Action

Verify the custom JavaScript functionality by submitting a form entry:

  1. Go to the front end of your website and submit the form with test data.
  2. Observe the custom JavaScript effect upon successful form submission.


The custom JavaScript action in Breakdance’s form builder allows developers to enhance form interactivity and user experience by executing custom code upon form submissions, opening up a wide range of creative possibilities.