Default Global Colors

Using Global Colors in Breakdance

Breakdance focuses on providing excellent control over global colors to help you ensure less work and a more streamlined design process.

Accessing Global Colors

To access Global Colors, click the ‘…’ icon near the top right of the builder interface, then navigate to Global Settings > Colors.

Breakdance offers 5 default global colors:

  • Brand: The brand color will be used for buttons other colored accents.
  • Text: The text color will be used for text elements.
  • Headings: The headings color will be applied to heading elements.
  • Links: The links color will be used for text links.
  • Background: The background color is the color for the background of your website.

Global Colors Palette

By clicking the edit icon next to ‘Palette’ below the default global colors, you can access a custom palette of global colors.

Here, you can add and manage custom global colors and gradients.

To add a new global color, click ‘Add Color.’

Each color needs a name and a color value, which can be set using the corresponding color picker.

You can add gradients in the same way by using the ‘Add Gradient’ button.

To delete any global color or gradient from your palette, use the delete icon on the right side.