Storing Form Submissions

Introduction to Enabling Store Submission Action

In this video, we will explore how to enable the store submission action for your Breakdance forms using the Form Builder. This action ensures a backup of user messages in your WordPress admin.

Setting Up Store Submission Action

Accessing the Actions Section

  1. Select your form in the builder preview.
  2. Expand the actions section in the properties panel on the left side.

Enabling Store Submission

  1. Check if ‘Store Submission’ is already selected by default.
  2. If not, click the ‘Actions After Submission’ dropdown and select ‘Store Submission’.
  3. Access the settings for the ‘Store Submissions’ action by clicking the corresponding icon.

Configuring Store Submission Settings

Setting Submission Title and Handling Files

  1. Set the submission title, which can be static text or a placeholder.
  2. To use a placeholder, click the plus icon and select the appropriate field ID.
  3. Decide whether to store uploaded files by toggling the ‘Store Uploaded Files’ option on or off.
  4. Optionally, choose to add uploaded files to the WordPress media library (this is off by default).

Troubleshooting Placeholders

  1. If encountering issues with placeholders, revisit the form section in the properties panel.
  2. Select the problematic field and open its advanced options.
  3. Ensure the field has an ID and that it matches the one used in your placeholder.

Viewing Stored Submissions

Finding Submissions in WordPress Admin

After a message is submitted via the form, locate the submission in the WordPress admin panel:

  1. Navigate to Breakdance > Form Submissions.
  2. View the list of all submissions, with options to filter by date and form.
  3. Select a submission to see all the submitted information.


By enabling and configuring the store submission action, you can effectively manage and store user submissions from your Breakdance forms, ensuring data is safely backed up and accessible in your WordPress admin panel.