Gridbuilder WP

Introduction to the Gridbuilder WP Integration with Breakdance

This guide demonstrates how to use the Gridbuilder WP plugin with Breakdance. Gridbuilder WP (also known as WP Grid Builder) is a paid plugin allowing advanced WordPress content filtering and sorting.

Gridbuilder WP should already be installed and activated on your site, and several Facets should already have been created. Further documentation for Gridbuilder WP Facet creation may be found in their documentation.

Setting up the Gridbuilder WP element.

Start by adding the Gridbuilder WP Facet element to the page or template where the Loop element is in Breakdance. After the Facet element has been added to the page, you can then select the Gridbuilder WP Facet you wish to use for filtering.

Please note that Facets will not show in Breakdance and will only show on the front end.

Allowing Loop elements to allow Gridbuilder WP filtering.

With the Facet element(s) added to Breakdance, select the Loop element. At the bottom of Properties Pane, open the Gridbuilder WP section and toggle the Enable GridbuilderWP option.

The Loop element should now properly filter on the front end based on the criteria set by Gridbuilder WP.

Pagination with Gridbuilder WP

When Gridbulder WP is enabled for a Loop element, Breakdance’s default pagination is disabled. You will then want to use a Load Facet Action to create your pagination with Gridbuilder WP.

You can then place the Facet element assigned to the Load Facet below the Loop element.