Adjacent Posts

Content Controls


These controls allow you to fine-tune the visibility and labeling of adjacent posts, helping users navigate between content seamlessly.

  • Disable Arrow – Toggle this option if you’d like to hide the navigation arrows entirely.
  • Disable Post Title – Opt to hide the post title from appearing alongside the navigation arrows.
  • Same taxonomy only – When enabled, only posts from the same taxonomy (category or tag) will be displayed as adjacent.
  • Taxonomy – Choose a specific taxonomy from a dropdown list. Note: This control is only available when the ‘Same taxonomy only’ option is enabled.
  • Labels – Customize the labeling for the navigation:
    • Disable – Toggle on if you prefer to hide the “Previous” and “Next” labels.
    • Previous – Customize the text label for the “Previous” post navigation.
    • Next – Customize the text label for the “Next” post navigation.

Design Controls


Adjust the overall appearance and arrangement of the adjacent post elements for a cleaner, more intuitive design.

  • Width – Define the width of the navigation element.
  • Stack Vertically At – Decide at which screen size the navigation items will stack vertically.
  • Label Position – Determine the positioning of the “Previous” and “Next” labels relative to the arrows.
  • Previous On Right – Toggle to swap the positions, placing the “Previous” post on the right side.


Personalize the appearance of the navigation arrows, ensuring they stand out and are easily identifiable.

  • Size – Adjust the size of the navigation arrows.
  • Color – Select a specific color to apply to the arrows.
  • Custom Icon – Choose bespoke icons for navigation:
    • Previous – Select a custom icon for the “Previous” navigation arrow.
    • Next – Choose a custom icon for the “Next” navigation arrow.


Refine the font style and appearance for labels and post titles, ensuring readability and alignment with your site’s theme.

  • Label – Customize the font properties for the “Previous” and “Next” labels.
  • Post Title – Fine-tune the typography of the adjacent post titles.


Manage the gaps between elements to provide a balanced, uncluttered look to the adjacent post navigation.

  • Label – Adjust the space around the “Previous” and “Next” labels.
  • Icon – Define the spacing around the navigation arrows.
  • Between Posts – Control the gap between the “Previous” and “Next” post navigation elements.
  • Container – Refine the spacing of the entire navigation container:
    • Margin Top – Set the space above the navigation container.
    • Margin Bottom – Determine the space below the navigation container.