Facebook Like Button

Content Controls


In this section, you can define the behavior of the Facebook Like button, such as what action it initiates, whether it includes the share functionality, and what URL it is associated with. You can also specify a custom URL for the like action.

  • Action Type – Select the type of action the button should perform when clicked.
  • Share Button – Decide if a share button should be included alongside the like button.
  • URL to Like – Choose the URL that this like button will be associated with, or set it to a custom URL.
  • Custom URL – If you’ve opted to associate the like button with a ‘custom_url’, this option allows you to specify it. Note: This control is only available when ‘URL to Like’ is set to ‘custom_url’.

Design Controls


These controls allow you to change the visual layout and theme of the Like button to better match your website’s design aesthetics.

  • Layout – Choose how the elements within the Like button are arranged.
  • Theme – Select a pre-defined theme that controls the button’s color scheme and style.


Adjust the button’s size to ensure it fits well with your site’s design and is easy for your users to interact with.

  • Size – Select a predefined size for the Like button, affecting its visibility and space usage.


Define the space above and below the Like button, helping to visually integrate it into your site’s content.

  • Margin Top – Set the amount of space between the top of the Like button and the elements above it.
  • Margin Bottom – Set the amount of space between the bottom of the Like button and the elements below it.