Scrolling Image

Content Controls


This section lets you add and customize the main components of your scrolling image element, including the image itself, an optional caption, an icon, and a link for user interaction.

  • Image – Select and upload the image you want to feature in this element.
  • Caption – Add a text caption that will appear with your image.
  • Icon – Choose an icon to accompany your image, adding a visual cue or decorative element.
  • Link – Insert a hyperlink to make your image clickable, leading to another page or resource.

Design Controls


Customize the appearance of your scrolling image, including its size, scroll duration, and border style, for a more engaging visual effect.

  • Width – Adjust the width of your image to fit your layout design.
  • Height – Modify the height of your image to ensure it aligns well with other page elements.
  • Duration – Set how long it takes for the image to scroll across the screen.
  • Borders – Style the borders of your image, including border radius, styling options, and shadow effects for added depth and prominence.
    • Radius – Round the corners of your image’s border to soften its appearance.
    • Styling – Customize the border style, color, and width to match your design aesthetic.
    • Shadow – Add a shadow effect to make your image stand out on the page.


Enhance the icon associated with your scrolling image, adjusting its color, size, and position to complement the overall design.

  • Color – Choose a color for your icon to ensure it is visible and matches your design scheme.
  • Size – Change the size of the icon to balance it with the image and other elements.
  • Hover Offset – Adjust the icon’s position when hovered over, adding a dynamic interactive element.


Customize the caption of your scrolling image, including its position, full-width setting, typography, background color, and spacing for a cohesive look.

  • Position – Choose where the caption will appear relative to the image.
  • Full Width – Toggle whether the caption should span the full width of the image.
  • Typography – Style the font, size, color, and other typography aspects of the caption.
  • Background – Select a background color for the caption to enhance readability and visual appeal.
  • Spacing – Adjust the margin and padding around the caption for optimal positioning and layout.
    • Margin – Set the external spacing around the caption.
    • Padding – Define the internal spacing within the caption area.


Control the external spacing of the entire scrolling image element, ensuring it fits seamlessly within your page’s layout.

  • Margin Top – Set the top margin to control space above the scrolling image.
  • Margin Bottom – Adjust the bottom margin to manage space below the scrolling image.