AnalyticsWP Event

The AnalyticsWP Event element is available with the AnalyticsWP integration. After adding the element to the builder, you can select the event trigger and name and the label used for the element within the builder.

Using The Element


Content Controls


This section allows you to decide what event to use for AnalyticsWP and options for the event.

  • Trigger – Choose the trigger for the AnalyticsWP event.
  • Time Active on Page – Set the time limit a user needs to be on the page before the AnalyticsWP event triggers. (Note: This control is available only when the trigger is set to “Time Active On Page”).
  • Label – Define the event’s name that will be used when viewing a journey in AnalyticsWP.

Builder Label

  • Disable Builder Label – Toggle this to hide or show the builder’s label for this element.
  • Builder Label – Customize the label text for the element when viewed within the builder.